World UTOYA massacre after, Anders Breivik asks for release

03:10  19 january  2022
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Crâne rasé et bouc soigné, Anders Breivik est entré dans le prétoire avec un écriteau «Cessez votre génocide contre nos nations blanches» en anglais sur sa mallette et son costume sombre, et fait un salut nazi à l'arrivée des trois juges. © AFP - Ole Berg-Rusten Shaved Skull and Carened Bouk, Anders Breivik entered the courtroom with a sign "Stop your genocide against our nations White "in English on his briefcase and his dark suit, and does a Nazi salute at the arrival of the three judges.

In Norway, eleven years after the Utoya killing who had made 69 dead, Anders Breivik, sentenced to life prison, filed a parole application. The 42-year-old extremist took the opportunity to keep ultra-radical remarks that outlined the families of the victims.

It is the scenario dreaded by all the survivors of the Utoya killing, and by the relatives of those who lost the life this July 22, 2011: attend a new Diatribe Neo-Nazie of the author of the Killing, who claims to have renounced violence, but who does not deny anything from his ultra-radical extreme right beliefs.

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Anders Brevik appeared in front of three magistrates, sitting for safety reasons in the Gymnasium of Skien Prison (South) where he is incarcerated. From the beginning of the hearing, the fears of victim associations are confirmed: today 42 years old Anders Breivik appears in the courtroom with, written in English on his briefcase: "Stop your genocide against our white nations. »

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Breivik sends a Nazi salute to the judges and declares that he wants to continue his fight for the nationalism in a peaceful way, while declaring himself ready to give up any political commitment if the Court asked him.

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a procedure a priori dedicated to failure

eleven years after Having killed dozens of teenagers grouped on an island for Labor Youth Summer Camp on the island of Utoya, Breivik can in theory benefit from parole. He had been sentenced in 2012 to 21 years in prison with possibility of extension, with a minimum sentence of ten years - the maximum at the time.

His chances of winning are almost nil, but for victims' associations, the evil has already been done, amplified by the retransmission of the hearing on certain media. One of the survivors of the attack sorry for social networks: "It's not because it's scandalous or painful, but because it's a symbol of the far right that has already inspired Several other mass killings.

Upstream of the hearing, the Family Support Group of Victims had said "encouraged to pay as little attention as possible to the terrorist and his message".

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massacre test for the rule of law in Norway

in a country that had not known any crime too Violent since the Second World War, this three-day parole application procedure, although it has no chance of succeeding, is considered a test that the rule of law must overcome by treating the extremist as Anything else justiciable.

In 2016, Breivik, which features three-cell prison, a TV with DVD player and game console and a writing machine, had succeeded in condemning the state for "inhuman" treatment and " Degrading "because of its maintenance away from other detainees. The judgment had been broken on appeal.

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