World Federal Presidential Choice: Otte outraged CDU with AFD candidacy

18:26  25 january  2022
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 Designed CDU boss to foreign policy: Merz calls SWIFT exclusion Russia's atomic bomb for capital markets One should not exclude Moscow from international payment transactions, according to the designated CDU boss Merz. Chancellor Scholz he criticizes because of North Stream 2. © Photo: Michael Kappeler / DPA The designated CDU boss Friedrich Merz warns of a Swift exclusion of Russia. The designated CDU chairman Friedrich Merz was warned against ruling Russia from the International Banking System Swift.

The chief of the controversial value union is to become candidate of the AFD at the Federal Presidential Choice. In the Union is the speech of "shame". Even today, it could be decided that he flies out of the party.

Der deutsch-amerikanische Wirtschaftswissenschaftler Max Otte, hier bei einem Auftritt in der ARD-Sendung © Wolfgang Borrs / DPA of the German-American economist Max Otte, here at an appearance in the ARD broadcast Otte outraged CDU with AFD candidature

The new CDU boss had a red line shortly after its choice at the weekend AfD pulled. "All lumbering with these people leads to us only to us," Friedrich Merz said on Saturday. That's why his message is: "We do not cooperate, there is no match." Already three days later, however, it did not look good about the hard line of the new party feet.

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Because with the controversial chief of the ultraconservative value union Max Otte, a CDU member is expected to become a FD candidate for the election of the Federal President. He likes to accept the nomination of the AfD, Otte said in the afternoon with a common appearance with Tino Chrupalla, co-boss of the party. "I feel the proposal as a great honor," Otte continued to set wool signs, for example against the descent of the middle class and for freedom rights. The Office is about the parties.

In the Union, the announcement triggered violent protests. The CDU prepared a party exclusion of Ottes in the afternoon. "Who cooperates or collaborates with the AFD, can not stay in the CDU," said the remaining CDU Secretary-General Paul Ziemiak. Cologne CDU announced already in the afternoon to initiate a party exclusion of Otte. This has decided by the district association together with the Landesverband and the Federal Party.

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leading union politicians reacted stunned. The candidacy violates all rules and "would clearly be a party behavior that would necessarily lead to an exclusion," said the parliamentary managing director of the Union faction in the Bundestag, Thorsten free (CDU). "The outgoing CDU party feet Armin Laschet called the nomination" a shame ". Also North Rhine-Westphalia Prime Minister Hendrik Desert said that Otte did not lose anything in the Union. Otte said, on the other hand, he see no reason to step out of the party.

six of ten AFD board members voted for Otte

The AFD tip had nominated Otte on Monday night after long debates in the party tip with a scarce majority. Six of the ten board members said, according to participants for the nomination of the controversial chief of the value union. previously The vast majority of the 16 AFD national spokesters for the 57-year-old economists voted.

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The value union, the Otte presides, counts about 4,000 members and has appointed himself "basic movement". In the Union she does not play a major role in the Union You not officially recognized as a CDU group. Also in the value union itself was Otte long controversial, and still in the fall of 2019 she wanted him from the CDU exclusively leave. At that time, Otte had spoken against Hetze's rights for rights after the murder of the CDU politician Walter Lübcke. Otte had deleted the Tweet later and apologized to the family.

Otte has close contacts to the AFD for some time. From June 2018 to January 2021 he was chairman of the Board of Trustees of the AfD-Close Desiderius Erasmus Foundation (of the). However, he had to go after he had recruited to integrate the actors of the dissolved and right-wing "wing" within the party. These rejected other parts of the tip.

The personnel also applies as a directional decision in the internal AFD power struggle. Part Oreich Tino Chrupalla had proposed Otte against the will of still-co-boss Jörg Muthen and his for AFD ratios moderate camps. Otte had criticized Muthen hard for his party strategy. This spoke internally against the election Ottes, but could not organize a majority in the most important AFD body. Meuten had already announced his farewell from the AFD tip on the next party congress - even because the influence of his camp was last swing.

The choice of the Federal President will take place on 13 February in the Federal Assembly - Attendant Frank-Walter Steinmeier advocates for a second term. His re-election is considered safe. The AFD is at most in the Federal Assembly at most at just over 150 of nearly 1500 votes. The AFD candidate is therefore opportune.

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