World Human Rights in Afghanistan: Westerners List Their Taliban Requirements

05:25  26 january  2022
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Les représentants taliban à Oslo le 25 janvier 2022. © Via Reuters - NTB Representatives Taliban in Oslo on January 25, 2022.

On the last day, Tuesday, from the visit of Taliban representatives to Oslo, Western diplomats have explained what they expect from new Kabul masters in terms of human rights, in exchange for the resumption of humanitarian aid.

linking the recovery of Afghanistan aid to respect for human rights, Westerners have spread their requirements to the Taliban Tuesday, January 25 in Oslo, on the last day of an unpublished and controversial visit of Islamists.

Ultimate Chapter of their first official displacement in Europe Since their return to power in August, the Taliban, always in search of international recognition and money, have had bilateral encounters in camera with several Western diplomats. The latter seized the opportunity to expose what they expect from the Taliban to become masters of a country where more than half of the population is threatened by hunger this winter.

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"I also stressed the need for primary and secondary schools to be open to boys and girls throughout the country when the school year will begin in March," Tweeted the Special Envoy of the European Union in Afghanistan. Tomas Niklasson responded to another tweet of the Afghan Foreign Ministry spokesman, which welcomed an EU commitment to "continuing humanitarian aid to Afghanistan".

led by their foreign minister, Amir Khan Muttaqi, the delegation of Islamists also had bilateral interviews with a senior French official, Bertrand Lotholary, the British Special Nigel Casey and members of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs..

The Taliban see in these meetings at the Hotel Soria Moria, on a snowy hill of Oslo, a step towards international recognition. "The fact of being come to Norway (...) is a success in itself because we shared the international scene," Felly of Amir Khan Muttaqi Monday, "these meetings, we are certain to withdraw a support in The humanitarian, sanitary and educational sectors in Afghanistan ".

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Video: Afghanistan: The Taliban in power (France 24)

Norway Criticized

Inviting Power, Norway states that the discussions are neither "legitimation nor recognition" of the government Taliban. But his decision to welcome this delegation, transported in a private jet that she has chartered at great expense, has been strongly criticized by many experts, members of the diaspora and Afghan militants.

also in their collimator: the presence among the 15 members of the delegation - exclusively male - from Anas Haqqani, one of the heads of the HAQQANI network, responsible for deadly attacks in Afghanistan and considered by the United States as a "terrorist" group .

No state has been recognized by the Taliban regime and the international community is waiting to see how Islamists govern the country before a possible unlocking of the aid.

"Some gradual changes"

"This is not the beginning of an open and infinite process in time," said Norwegian Secretary of State Henrik Thune who had to talk with the Taliban in the evening. "We will advance tangible requirements that can be followed up and see if they fill them," he said Monday to the Norwegian NTB agency.

In addition to the possibility of providing humanitarian aid directly to the Afghan population, these requirements should focus on human rights, especially those of women and minorities, such as access to education and health services, the right to work and freedom of movement.

in Oslo, a Western observer says he raised "some gradual changes on both sides". "But I think we will need more of these meetings before the Taliban and the West can not deal with each other," he said to AFP.

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