World "PartyGate": High-risk day for Boris Johnson, on the

14:50  26 january  2022
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Aide says UK's Johnson knew about lockdown party

  Aide says UK's Johnson knew about lockdown party British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's former top aide, Dominic Cummings, said that the U.K. leader knew about a party at his residence during the lockdown, and "waved aside" concerns about it, according to a report by the BBC. Cummings reportedly said that Johnson's claim that he believed that the gathering in May 2020 was a work-related event is "untrue" and that he was "warned about" the garden party, which has resulted in calls for the prime minister to resign.

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B Oris Johnson is preparing to spend on the grill of British MPs Wednesday and to defend cost to cost its place From Prime Minister, now suspended to the publication of a potentially explosive report on the feasts held at Downing Street during confines.

The British policy retains its breath before the conclusions of the senior official Sue Gray be made on these different Garden Parties, starting pots or birthday party in the circles of power that shocked the British, forced by law. at the time of drastically restricting their contacts.

After a day of speculation and contradictory information on the moment when this report will be published, the British press believes that this could happen from Wednesday.

PartyGate: Accused of lying, Boris Johnson defends it

 PartyGate: Accused of lying, Boris Johnson defends it © Ian Vogler Boris Johnson Visits Finchley Memorial Hospital in Northern London on January 18, 2022 Who Moses? British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has "categorically" refuted Tuesday to have been warned that a party contrary to the anti-COVID rules would be organized in Downing Street in May 2020, as accused by his former Dominic Cummings Advisor.

With the weekly questions of the members of the members at 12:00 pm GMT, the next hours are decisive for Boris Johnson , who started the day with a jogging in the early morning, in shorts, shirt and hat, with his dog Dilyn.

still raising the tension, the police also seized the case announcing Tuesday investigate several "events" in order to establish whether there were "potential violations of the rules related to COCI 19", punishable Fines.

The opposition did not wait for the conclusions of these reports to call for the resignation of the 57-year-old Conservative leader, which they accuse hypocrisy and lies.

Even within the conservative majority of Boris Johnson, anger rands. If he has so far escaped a vote of distrust, which can be triggered at the request of 54 (out of 359) deputies of his camp, Boris Johnson remains in a very delicate position.

United Kingdom: A Conservative member joins Labor in reaction to the "PartyGate"

 United Kingdom: A Conservative member joins Labor in reaction to the © Valery Ax "You and the Conservative Party as a whole you are shown unable to offer leadership and the government that this country deserves", Launched the member Wakeford, minutes before an intervention by the Prime Minister in Parliament.

If some have already asked publicly its departure, other girlfriends are waiting for the publication of the Sue Gray report to decide whether or not to try to oust their leader. It remains to be seen whether it will be published in full, photos, messages and testimonials at the key, or in a lightened version.

"Errors made"

In front of the deputies, Boris Johnson praised Tuesday the opening of the police investigation hoping that it will "give the public the clarity he needs and will help put these questions behind us". According to his spokesman, he will "cooperate fully" at these investigations.

They plunge it into a turmoil ever seen since its triumphal accession in power in the summer of 2019, with a popularity in free fall and members of its openly hostile majority.

hoping to rebound, the Prime Minister announced the lifting of the latest COVID restrictions from Thursday, hoping to regain the favor of the opinion in a country subjected to long confines and strongly mortem by the pandemic that did more than 154,000 dead.

Lead 1-The British Government Acknowledged to Protect Johnson

 Lead 1-The British Government Acknowledged to Protect Johnson GB-Politics / (Lead 1, Photo, TV): Lead 1-The British Government Accused of blackmail to protect Johnson (Updated with Comment by Boris Johnson §§§ 6-7) by Elizabeth Piper and Kate Holton London, January 20 (Reuters) - A senior representative of the British Conservative Party accused the Government on Thursday to exert assimilable pressures on "blackmail" on the suspicious toriences of wanting to Determine Prime Minister Boris Johnson from his duties.

But regularly, new revelations come over the leader.

Last dated: The organization of a party organized by its future Wife Carrie in the Council of Ministers room on the occasion of its anniversary on June 19, 2020 afternoon, during the first confinement.

according to ITV, up to 30 people would have participated.

A new difficult to digest for the British who had been folded at the rules. The Queen Elizabeth II herself celebrated his 94th anniversary in the discretion, April 21, 2020, without his family.

"The Prime Minister has apologized for what happened. He said that mistakes had been committed," his foreign affairs said Wednesday, Liz Truss, insisting on "fantastic work" of the Head of Government, the implementation of the Brexit to the VVID-19 vaccination campaign.

The degives for diplomacy added that it should not be long enough for the conclusions of the Sue Gray report.

For Labor, the main opposition party, the fate of Boris Johnson is sealed.

"We do not need the Sue Gray report to find out that Boris Johnson has to leave," wrote the number two of the party, Angela Rayner in a tribune published by the Politico site. Denouncing "a very clear culture of total contempt of the rules and conveniences at Downing Street", it stated that this culture "comes only from the person who directs".

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"PartyGate": Scotland Yard Survey, the Carrie Symonds anniversary feeds the Grogne .
Scotland Yard opened an investigation into the "PartyGate", Boris Johnson welcomes the time when revelations on the anniversary of his future Wife in confinement feed the grumbling. View on euronews © Matt Dunham / Copyright 2022 The Associated Press.

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