World Japan: The shadow of the Moon sect does not stop weighing on the Japanese power

20:20  11 august  2022
20:20  11 august  2022 Source:   ouest-france.fr

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Le Premier ministre Fumio Kishida lors de la présentation de son nouveau gouvernement, mercredi 10 août. © Reuters Prime Minister Fumio Kishida during the presentation of his new government on Wednesday, August 10.

One month after the assassination of former Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, dozens of politicians, mainly members of the Liberal Democratic Party (PLD) in power, were pinned for their links with the Moon sect. Triggering a vast ministerial reshuffle.

Tokyo. Of our correspondent.

One month exactly after the however large victory in the senatorial elections of the right coalition in power led by the Liberal Democratic Party (PLD), Prime Minister Japanese Fumio Kishida announced on August 10 a vast reshuffle of his cabinet : Fourteen of the nineteen ministers were thanked and replaced, including the little brother of Shinzo Abe, Nobuo Kishi, Minister of Defense.

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Shinzo Abe links with the Moon

sect cause of this vast upper-all-all? The revelations of the man who killed the former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on July 8. Arrested after the facts, Tetsuya Yamagami said that he wanted to avenge his mother , destroyed by the "Federation of Families for World Peace and Unification" (FFPMU) of which she was a member from 1999 to 2002. Now the FFPMU, C 'is the name of the Moon sect since 2015. The murderer reproached Shinzo Abe his ties with the sect: the death of the former Prime Minister has started a new spotlight on the abuses of this powerful organization and the extent of its links with the political sphere.

L’actuel président de la FFPMU, nouveau nom de la secte Moon au Japon, Tomihiro Tanaka, a reconnu le 10 août lors d’une conférence de presse à Tokyo, les liens de son organisation avec le monde politique. (Photo by Richard A. Brooks / AFP) © AFP The current president of the FFPMU, a new name of the Moon sect in Japan, Tomihiro Tanaka, recognized on August 10 at a press conference in Tokyo, the links of his organization with the political world. (Photo by Richard A. Brooks / AFP) founded in 1952 in South Korea by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, this religious group, controversial and known for its sectarian aberrations, will very quickly mix with politics by adopting an anti -Communist line. Established in Japan since 1959, the sect is formalized in 1964 in the archipelago. According to its religious dogma, Korea is the country of Adam, Japan that of Eve: which is why a majority of women are recruited in Japan.

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Les mariages collectifs entre fidèles de la secte Moon, ici en août 2018 à Gapyeong en Corée du sud, sont emblématiques de la secte. © AFP Collective weddings between faithful of the Moon sect, here in August 2018 in Gapyeong in South Korea, are emblematic of the sect.

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Shinzo Abe during his lifetime did not hide his links with the FFPMU. On August 10, Tomohiro Tanaka, FFPMU leader, recognized privileged "links" with Japanese politicians. The members of the sect are even encouraged to be active in national policy and take part in the elections he said. He insisted that the FFPMU does not support political parties, but admitted that bridges exist with the PLD. They date back to the time of the grandfather of Shinzo Abe, Nobusuke Kishi, then Prime Minister, who was worried about the rise of communism in Japan in the 1960s.

victims of the sectarian system

a link that was maintained in time despite the victims of the sectarian system. Faramineous donations, door-to-door recruitment to the most vulnerable ... Since 1994, dozens of civil and criminal cases have been brought before the courts of the whole archipelago. Former members also denounce a forced participation in the emblematic collective marriages, associated with the image of the sect.

members of the national network against "so -called spiritual sales", the lawyers Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Masaki Kito and Yasuo Kawai have summoned the government several times to denounce the practices of the sect. Members sink into poverty: when they cannot pay, they are forced to illegal activities, explains Hiroshi Yamaguchi. I have been fighting for these victims for 35 years: it is always honest people who are worried about their families. For his activism, Hiroshi Yamaguchi admits having been the subject of threats and intimidation.

A fight far from finished. The sect is so well established, for so long, in Japanese political spheres that the day after the vast ministerial reshuffle decided by Fumio Kishida, on August 11, Japanese media pointed at least five members of the new cabinet as having links with Moon .

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