World A Chinese ship, suspected of espionage, arrives in Sri Lanka

16:10  16 august  2022
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Sri Lanka asks China to defer military ship visit after India protests

  Sri Lanka asks China to defer military ship visit after India protests Sri Lanka asks China to defer military ship visit after India protestsCOLOMBO (Reuters) - Sri Lanka said on Monday it had asked China to defer the planned visit of a Chinese ship to the island country after initially approving its arrival this week, yielding to diplomatic pressure from neighbour India to keep the military vessel out.

the Yuan Wang 5, Chinese research boat, arrived in the Srulankian port of Hambantota on Tuesday. India and the United States fear acts of espionage. View onononews

Les employés du port d'Hambantota tendent un gigantesque drapeau chinois sur les quais pour accueillir le navire chinois Yuan Wang 5 le 16 août 2022. © ERANGA JAYAWARDENA/COPYRIGHT 2022 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved The employees of the port of Hambantota tend a gigantic Chinese flag on the quays to accommodate the Chinese ship Yuan Wang 5 on August 16, 2022.

A Chinese research ship accosted Tuesday in the Sri-Lankan port of Hambantota, Despite the reluctance of India which fears acts of espionage. The boat stay had previously been suspended but Colombo finally authorized its arrival, provided that no research was carried out.

Sri Lankan doctors say the country can't survive on donated drugs forever

  Sri Lankan doctors say the country can't survive on donated drugs forever Sri Lanka imports at least 80% of its drugs and medical supplies, and the economic crisis has left it with inadequate foreign reserves to pay for them. The problem caused widespread concern starting in March, when the country completely ran out of many common medications, including chemotherapy drugs and heparin, a blood thinner widely used during surgery and to prevent clotting.Dr. Anver Hamdani, who since April has been charged with addressing the drug shortages for Sri Lanka's Ministry of Health, said that 14 vital items and 312 essential items went out of stock.

An arrival in known ground: the Yuan Wang 5 accosted Tuesday in the port of Hambabota, welcomed by officials celebrating the Sino-Sri-Lankan friendship with banners and flags.

The port, funded by Chinese credits, was sold to a Chinese company in 2017. One case among others that illustrates the immensity of Sri Lanka debt ... and its tenuous link with Beijing.

A ship suspected of spying

The boat stay in Sri Lankan waters worries India. The country fears acts of spying and to put pressure on Sri Lanka to have the coming of the ship canceled.

But, after intense negotiations, Colombo gave in and authorized the boat to come and stay six days at the port of Hambabota. Two conditions are imposed: the Yuan Wang 5 must keep its automatic identification system (AIS) lit when it is in Sri Lankan waters and it is forbidden to carry out scientific research.

China: a "bulky" visitor for neighboring India

New Delhi is concerned about the growing presence of China in the Indian Ocean and its grip on Sri Lanka, which India considers its area D 'influence.

The day before the ship arrived, India offered Sri Lanka a Dornier 228 plane to strengthen the island's maritime surveillance capacities.

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