World Espionage, Disinformation, Links with Iran: Russia and Israel with Knives drawn

16:00  16 august  2022
16:00  16 august  2022 Source:   marianne.net

Mysterious explosions that rocked a Russian military base suggest Russian positions far behind the front lines are no longer safe, officials and experts say

  Mysterious explosions that rocked a Russian military base suggest Russian positions far behind the front lines are no longer safe, officials and experts say "The psychological impact of this is much larger" than the damage to the base and the loss of aircraft, one expert told Insider.Russia now has over 130,000 troops, as well as a significant amount of weaponry and other hardware, in positions around Ukraine. Though Russia has denied having plans to attack, many in the West remain skeptical. Russia has troops in Belarus, western Russia, and Crimea.

Opération de solidarité avec Israël à Saint Petersbourg en 2014. © Zuma Press/Maxppp Solidarity Operation with Israel in Saint Petersburg in 2014. The scenario is taken seriously. On the instructions of Prime Minister Yaïr Lapid, the Shin Beth, the internal security service, discreetly said in Moscow that Israel would not tolerate the slightest Russian interference in the electoral process, revealed the Israeli media. A more explicit warning had already been launched in January 2019 on the eve of a previous ballot when the chief of the Shin Beth, Nadav Argaman had claimed to be "100% sure that a foreign country will intervene in the next elections and I know What am I talking about ". Wanting to be reassuring, he had stressed in the era that Israel and his intelligence services "have tools and capacities to identify, control and prevent" these interventions. Israel is actually considered one of the five superpowers On the cybersecurity front thanks in particular to a mastery of the technology of "firewalls" or shields, in other words hardware and software designed to filter the data that penetrates or out of computer networks. However, there is no saying that the Russian official and hackers, more and at least linked to the authorities, have also doped their performance. They can try to cause computer failures at the time of the voting count, distort results, make false profiles on social networks in order to spread a flow of fake news and thus try to influence the electorate. Objective: to destabilize as much as possible the institutions. Credible threats are all the more credible as the relations between the two countries have undergone a sudden cooling. At the start of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, Israel engaged in a difficult balancingist exercise by refusing to explicitly condemn Moscow just to arouse the ire of Vladimir Putin. The Hebrew state refused to provide weapons to the Ukrainians, in particular anti -missile batteries of the "Iron Dome" type (iron dome), which once again proven themselves in the field in August in the Gaza Strip during Confrontations with the Palestinian Islamic jihad. But under American pressure, and following a rapprochement between Russia and Iran, the number 1 enemy of the Hebrew State, the reports began to turn into sour. The Russian authorities want to prohibit The activities of the Jewish agency, an official organization, responsible for promoting and facilitating immigration to Israel among the 150,000 Russian Jews. Israeli officials have denounced this project and suggested that they could take countermeasures. Among them are a possible closure of the Russian cultural center in Tel Aviv and a postponement of the transfer of property to Russia from the Alexandre Nevski church located in the immediate vicinity of the Holy Sepulcher in the old town of Jerusalem. Benjamin Netanyahu had promised two years ago to hand over the keys to Moscow. But Yaïr Lapid no longer seems at all in a hurry to offer such a "gift" to Vladimir Putin. The fever climbs on the Syrian fever also rises on the Syrian front. Israel did not hesitate to attack a basis controlled by pro-Iranian militias near Tartous on Sunday. A risky operation. It occurred in the main Russian maritime base in the Mediterranean. So far, the Russians had closed their eyes to the hundreds of Israeli raids in Syria against Iran and its allies such as Lebanese Hezbollah. But Moscow could one day decide to use its S-400-type air defense systems deployed, in particular around Tartous to restrict the freedom of maneuver that Israel has been taught in Syrian and Lebanese airspace. To read also: Israel - Russia: why the quarrel would be fatal the rapprochement between Moscow and Tehran, which resulted last week by the launch by the Russians of an Iranian satellite having for the first time of very high resolution cameras alarm alarm in Israel. This machine and the three other Iranian satellites, which must be put in orbit later, will be used for intelligence operations allowing the revolution guards to have Israel in a much more effective way.

The Jewish question 2.0 and the death of western Democracies -opinion .
Insidiously and covertly, the Islamic Republic has weaved its perverse carpet, trapping Western capitals in its knots. © Provided by The Jerusalem Post Iran cannot stop, neither can it reform nor renege on its fascism. We would be fools to expect it ever could or even would want to. As we sit at the very edge of the proverbial precipice, self-preservation should take precedent over blind optimism. There are tragedies we cannot come back from and I fear that our miscalculation on all things Iranian may have led us beyond the point of no return.

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