World Central of Zaporijia: "We must prepare for all scenarios"

04:10  18 august  2022
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War in Ukraine. Zaporijia worries, the Russians amaze in the south ... The point on the night

 War in Ukraine. Zaporijia worries, the Russians amaze in the south ... The point on the night © Ed Jones / AFP Archives The bombings of the Zaporijia nuclear power plant worries around the world. The UN calls to stop "suicidal" attacks with the power station. The situation of the Zaporijia nuclear power plant, bombed since Friday, continues to worry this Monday, August 8, 2022. Russians and Ukrainians are still accused of mutually, and the UN calls for ceasing any attack near the power plant. At the same time, Russian troops continue to spare themselves in the south of Ukraine.

  Centrale de Zaporijia : « Nous devons nous préparer à tous les scénarios » © Ed Jones / AFP

s Ous Russian control since the start of the conflict, the zaporijia nuclear power plant in Ukraine sees the clashes and the strikes multiply around it. “No one could predict that Russian troops were going to shoot nuclear reactors using tanks. It was unheard of, "accused the Ukrainian Minister of the Interior Denys Monastyrsky, during a trip to Zaporijia. After having attended first aid exercises in the event of a nuclear accident, he said: "We must prepare for all possible scenarios", accusing the Russia of being a "terrorist state (?) As long as the Russia controls the Zaporijia nuclear power plant, there are big risks ”.

Ukraine: For the mayor of Nagasaki, the nuclear risk is "real"

 Ukraine: For the mayor of Nagasaki, the nuclear risk is nuclear weapons represent a "real and current" threat, was worried Tuesday Tomihisa Taue, the day of the 77th anniversary of the atomic bombardment that ravaged this city From Japan © /AP /SIPA A Russian soldier keeps the Zaporijia nuclear power plant in occupied territory, in the south -east of Ukraine, Sunday, May 1, 2022.

Faced with the danger to which the site is exposed, the secretary general of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg , judged this "urgent" Wednesday that an "inspection" of the International Atomic Energy Agency ( Aiea) takes place. The central, the largest of Europe , was taken in early March by Russian troops. Since August 5, kyiv and Moscow have been accused each other with bombing, while strikes have landed once near a radioactive storage building, and have one another caused the automatic reactor. “This is a serious threat to security, which increases the risks of accident or nuclear incident [?]. It is urgent to authorize an inspection of the IAEA and to obtain the withdrawal of all the Russian forces "of the site, estimated Jens Stoltenberg, during a press conference.

The Russians will connect a Ukrainian nuclear power plant to Crimea

 The Russians will connect a Ukrainian nuclear power plant to Crimea © Alexander Ermoshenko Zaporijia The Russian forces which occupy the Ukrainian nuclear power plant of Zaporijia prepare its connection to Crimea, peninsula annexed by Moscow in 2014, and the Damage by carrying out this reorientation of electricity production, alerted the Ukrainian operator, Energoatom on Tuesday.

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tells us about Zaporijia Russian control "endangers the population of Ukraine, neighboring countries, as well as the international community," he said, expressed himself After a meeting with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. The strikes that recently targeted the power station, raising fears of a nuclear disaster, caused a meeting of the UN Security Council last week and the general manager of the IAEA, Rafael Grossi, pleaded for the sending of A mission on site "as soon as possible" to inspect the site. Russia has accused the UN services of having prevented the mission of the IAEA. Ukraine, for its part, opposed it considering that this would legitimize the Russian occupation of the site in the eyes of the international community.

War in Ukraine: "In Zaporijjia, there can be a collapse of the heart of the nuclear reactor, as in Fukushima", fears a "liquidator" of Chernobyl .
The risk of an accident in the largest nuclear power plant in Europe nourishes concerns. Vitaly, former engineer and "liquidator" of Chernobyl denounces the Russian army "which plays with fire". © supplied by Franceinfo He has an official "liquidator" card from Chernobyl : Vitaly worked at the time as assistant to the operating chief of reactor number 3 of the power station who exploded, 26 April 1986 . At 82, he was treated for stomach cancer following radiation.

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