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Gas explosion in New Zealand's Christchurch injures several people

Friday  03:50,   19 july 2019

New Zealand emergency services evacuated residents near what they said was a suspected gas explosion in the South Island city of Christchurch on Friday that left a house on fire and several people injured. The city remains on edge four months after... >>>

Human remains and musket balls found at battle site marking Napoleon Bonaparte's final defeat

Friday  02:45,   19 july 2019

The discoveries may help paint a clearer picture of what went down in what was to be the French military leader's final stand. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) {... >>>

Canadian platform spills 3,200 gallons of oil-mix into Atlantic

Friday  02:45,   19 july 2019

An oil platform off the Canadian island of Newfoundland spilled nearly 3,200 gallons of an oil-water mix into the Atlantic Ocean, and efforts were underway to minimize the environmental impact, ExxonMobil said Thursday. The spill occurred a day... >>>

Yemen Has Been a Saudi Prince’s War. Now It’s His Quagmire.

Friday  02:45,   19 july 2019

From the beginning of Saudi Arabia’s intervention in Yemen, it was Prince Mohammed’s war. Prince Mohammed bin Salman, then 29 and in his third month as defense minister, was shown in official photographs surrounded by generals, poring over maps,... >>>

Russia May Sell Its Own Fighter Jet to Turkey after U.S. Cancels over Missile Sale and Considers Old Rival

Friday  02:45,   19 july 2019

Turkey lost out on the F-35 when it chose to go through with its purchase of Russian S-400 surface-to-air missiles, now Greece may get the advanced jet as their longstanding rivalry heats... >>>

Iran's Zarif says Saudi Arabia, not Iran, is to blame for Middle East instability

Friday  01:55,   19 july 2019

Zarif also said his country was ready to make a "substantial move" that would allow inspections of its nuclear program in return for lifting of... >>>

Where lions once ruled, they are now quietly disappearing

Friday  01:40,   19 july 2019

There are half as many African lions than there were 25 years ago. Conservation programs aim to protect the disappearing species by promoting human-lion cohabitation across the African... >>>

Tensions With Iran Reach the Point of Inevitability

Friday  01:05,   19 july 2019

Even though both sides insist they don’t want war, the existing tensions, combined with Iran’s anger at being denied the benefits of the nuclear agreement, mean that one miscalculated provocation could lead to a larger conflagration. “We live in a... >>>

Trump says US Navy shot down Iranian drone in 'defensive action,' escalating tensions in Gulf region

Thursday  22:40,   18 july 2019

Trump said the USS Boxer fired on and destroyed Iran's drone in the Strait of Hormuz on Thursday in a "defensive... >>>

Parts of Marshall Islands have more radioactivity than Chernobyl, Fukushima: STUDY

Thursday  22:35,   18 july 2019

Parts of the Marshall Islands where the U.S. military carried out nuclear testing are more contaminated with radioactive material than Chernobyl and... >>>

ISIS supporters who beheaded Scandinavian hikers in Morocco sentenced to death

Thursday  22:25,   18 july 2019

Three men who claimed allegiance to the Islamic State group after brutally killed two Scandinavian women hiking in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco have been sentenced to death. The men – Jounes Ouzayed, Rashid Afatti, and Abdessaman Al Joud – are the >>>

China is now a direct ‘peer’ of the U.S. on cyber, says senior law enforcement official

Thursday  22:05,   18 july 2019

China has grown more sophisticated in its cyber capabilities and is now considered a direct "peer" of the United States after years of lagging behind, a senior law enforcement official told Fox News. The official also said there is growing U.S.... >>>

US sailor on USS Abraham Lincoln goes overboard in Arabian Sea, search operation underway

Thursday  21:55,   18 july 2019

A U.S. sailor went overboard Wednesday from the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, prompting a search operation in the Arabian Seam according to the Fifth... >>>

China’s Leaders Head to Secretive Summer Camp to Ponder Trump

Thursday  21:45,   18 july 2019

The Beidaihe meeting comes amid doubts about China’s ability to forge a lasting truce with President Donald Trump, who continues to raise the prospect of expanded tariffs on Chinese goods even after agreeing with Xi last month to resume trade talks. >>>

Kyoto Animation Studio Arson Kills 33, Shocking Japan

Thursday  21:00,   18 july 2019

The attacker screamed “Die!” and set alight flammable liquid he had splashed around an anime studio in Kyoto, the police said, starting a blaze that killed 33 people Thursday in what appears to be Japan’s worst mass killing in... >>>